Illusion of Motion?: CUSP @11thour in King’s Lynn

Lydia Haines adding some finishing touches to our night’s creation.

The first 11thour took place on 11 October. It was a magical night. The horrendous showers didn’t dampen the spirit of the evening. There were performances, exhibitions, light shows and more at several venues in King’s Lynn.

We,  cusp (Alison Dunhill, Lydia Haines, Helen Breach and Esther Boehm), ran a workshop at the Ceremony Room of Hanse House. Starting with organic, inorganic & found materials including bicycle parts. The first step was building a frame. Then things started to move up and out.
Anyone visiting the venue was able to join in and contribute to a large 3D mixed media piece using any items that appealed to them. There was no fixed plan beyond this so it was a very spontaneous and creative enterprise.

We worked on the piece from 8pm to midnight. We had several visitors and many contributors. It was exciting to see how the piece developed and how the inventiveness of those who took part helped change the character of the piece.

It was actually at the 11thour that we added our kinetic element.

We were so inspired by the evening and our piece, that we reconstructed it in my Heacham studio.

We also hope this will become a regular event in King’s Lynn.

About 11thour
For some time now, there have been discussions over the future of the Art’s Centre at St. Georges Guildhall in King’s Lynn and, of course, the Guildhall itself. Does the town need a ‘Creative Hub’? Should it be where the Art’s Centre was….. A feasibility study was carried out by The Shift Norwich. Perhaps there were more questions than answers but through this process, KLc (King’s Lynn creatives) was born. This is a dedicated group of artists, musicians, designers etc. who felt a need to work together and explore the possibilities that came to light in the feasibility study. All wanted to bring more life into the heart of King’s Lynn. From this, 11thour was born.

Visit 11thour website or facebook page to find out more.

Esther Boehm