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  • Pottery Without a Wheel

    Pottery Without a Wheel

    Clay is a wonderful malleable material that can be formed not only into sculptures but into functional and decorative ceramics. When we think of pottery, working with a pottery wheel springs to mind. There are, however, three hand-building techniques that can be learned without investing in a pottery wheel.

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  • Soapstone Carving

    Soapstone Carving

    In this course, we will follow the way of the Canadian Inuit: “We, the Inuit are known for having a vision when working with stone.  For instance, I can look at a piece of raw material and “see” something in it. 

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  • Introduction to Clay Modelling

    Introduction to Clay Modelling

    Animals, the human figure, imaginary characters and monsters or even abstract shapes can be modelled out of clay. Forming clay by building up and taking away is an excellent method for learning to work in 3 dimensions. In this course, you will choose your subject, build up your clay and work towards creating your sculpture.

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  • Sculpture using Armatures

    Sculpture using Armatures

    Model figures, animals or abstract forms using chicken wire.

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  • Lino-Cut Greeting Cards & Prints

    Lino-Cut Greeting Cards & Prints

    Would you like to make your own greeting cards? What about trying your hand at lino-cuts? You will learn the principles of lino printing and work out your own design for a card. You can bring along your own photo to work with to create your design.

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