Further art adventures

Beginning – Ending – Beginning on 2 July 2023

Summer is winding down and I have had a good one. My piece Beginning – Ending – Beginning for Wighton 23 Cycle did get finished on time but just barely.

It was important to do the cement work as close to setting up as possible so that the embedded plants were as fresh as possible. Set up was Sunday 2 July with the private view on Wednesday and the exhibition opening on Thursday. Cement takes 24 hours to cure so I had my work cut out for me.

Foraged plants

On Thursday 29 June, I foraged in the churchyard and conservation area of All Saint’s Church in Wighton. The foliage changed considerably since my April visit. The grass was high, wild flowers abounded and the cow parsley on its way out. till, there was plenty to choose from. When I got back to the studio it occurred to me that I now had to sort and document everything. I ended up with 36 different plants to put on my eleven elements. Next was planning what would go where. I had a lot of fun spending the rest of the evening doing that.

Friday and Saturday were very long days! The working time for the cement was longer than I expected so I was able to go into more detail (spend more time). The three smallest elements would have to finish curing on site.

The set up went smoothly and I was pleased with the site and the placement. The feedback was that it was indeed magical. Over the month there was a good amount of decay in the piece. It is now on a field in Norfolk decaying further until its next appearance at the Artspace on the Prom in Cromer.

I can’t exactly remember how I heard about the Cromer Artspace but when I did, I just had to go see it. I love Cromer with its wild, wind swept sea, so there was no holding me back. Although I’ve been to Cromer countless times, I was surprised at discovering this gorgeous Art Deco building fused into the cliff at the end of Cromer’s West Prom.

The space is both beautiful and unique. Facing north, it meets the ideal prerequisites for an artist’s studio. The sun reflecting off the sea gives a rare light to the work exhibited within. Looking out from inside is the pure wide sea.

Artists can apply to exhibit in the space. I did and my exhibition will run from 14 to 25 September from 11 – 4. It is called Black and White: From the Ethereal to the Concrete.

Ether, Cley 21

Ether (shown at Cley 21) is an installation consisting of eleven large scale seemingly floating objects which are viewed from below. Made of white tissue paper and acrylic medium they become translucent ‘skins’ reminiscent of alabaster or ice.

At Cromer Art Space these objects will hover above the ground allowing visitors to walk through and around the them. Beginning – Ending – Beginning will emerge from the ground to form a dialogue with both Ether and the visitors. Interactive sound will be incorporated to enhance the installation.

Following my working holiday by the sea in Cromer, I will return to my much loved sea at Heacham. It will be back to work and back to school. Classes in clay modelling, making sculpture with an armature, soapstone carving and lino cutting will resume.

Find out more about Cromer Artspace at https://cromer-artspace.uk