March Hare?!! Mad about modelling?

Having been born in the city of Edmonton, Canada, I was baffled when a friend told me about the Mad March Hare and suggested my incorporating it into this article. Of course I’m familiar with the March Hare in Alice in Wonderland but isn’t it the Hatter that’s Mad?

So what does google say? The March hare is indeed mad (as a hatter?). Maybe that’s why they make such a good pair. 😉 Continue reading “March Hare?!! Mad about modelling?”

Using an Armature for Sculpture

wire armature
The wire armature is ‘stuffed out’ with newspaper for use with paper clay.

There are a great many materials and methods that can be used for sculpture. What you choose depends on the design of the project you are working on. Clay modelling is a wonderful technique but it has its limitations when it comes to more delicate, larger or complex forms. For example, a sculpture of a horse would be difficult using clay alone due to the slender legs and the weight of the wet clay bearing down on them. In such a case, you could build your sculpture using an armature. Continue reading “Using an Armature for Sculpture”

Solvents and Solutions

When I was studying at university, it was a time when health and safety was just beginning to be a big deal. We did wear our Mickey Mouse ears when using power tools and respirators when working with resins and solvents. However, this practice wasn’t generally carried out when one wasn’t working.
Stories of spontaneous cumbustion in the print studio were told. Smoking was taboo! (Do people even smoke anymore?) No one really wanted to go up in flames. I do remember unusual food cravings … Continue reading “Solvents and Solutions”