My major area is sculpture where materials range from clay, papier maché, cement and concrete; more recently, soapstone, marble and wood. Growing up in Canada gave me a deep affinity for nature and the First Nations peoples, especially the Inuit, who capture the spirit hidden inside each piece of serpentine, soapstone, wood or antler, releasing the form within. This approach led to my larger sculpture commissions in one I expressed the spirit or an angel within the form of a bird, and in another abstract piece the concept of partnership. The fluid movements of wood have led me to explore the flow of life itself.

The essence of my approach is the creative process itself. My aim is to ignite the spirit and nurture the vision of each student and provide the technical help to carry an idea through to a finished work of art. To take a piece of wood, find the clues hidden within and release that likeness; to work within a theme, story or subject then develop and construct related artwork.

My sculptures, paintings, prints and drawings are found throughout Germany and as far away as Toronto and Edmonton in Canada, as well as Los Angeles, USA. Since I have worked with several traditional materials as well as new media: video and sound, it is possible to explore a single medium or combinations thereof. This flexibility combined with my artistic approach facilitates the needs and wishes of teachers and students alike in creating projects that are relevant to the expression of young artists.



The German Canadian sculptor Esther Boehm instructed the 3D Design course at the renowned Sommerakadmie GERN in Bavaria, Germany for the first time in 2015. With great dedication, high technical and artistic competence she looked after the many participants. Her responsiveness to the individual participants and the ensuing dialogue and support led each to the successful realization of their artwork.

She handled complex situations and requirements with confidence, her friendly nature and courteous interaction made the course week at Gern into a positive experience for all. As I have been an academy director with more than 10 years experience at choosing course instructors, I can state with good conscience that Esther Boehm was an excellent choice in this area and hope that the artist will continue to instruct at the Sommerakademie GERN in the future. In addition to her professional qualities, it is noteworthy that Esther Boehm was always very dedicated, loyal, helpful and obliging with participants as well as colleagues. It is always a joy working together with her.